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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 12 October 2006 12:00
Themebot says... Welcome to the Joomla 1.5 template demo! Now generating HTML element demos:

<a> element demo: HTML Anchor

<abbr> element demo: HTML Abbreviation

<address> element demo:

HTML Address 1234
Messier Object 42, Orion Nebula 98765

<b> element demo: HTML Bold

<bdo> element demo: HTML Bi-Directional Override

<blockquote> element demo:

HTML Block Quotation

<button> element demo:

<cite> element demo: HTML Citation

<code> element demo: HTML Code

<del> element demo: HTML Deleted Text

<dfn> element demo: HTML Definition

<dl>, <dt>, <dd> element demo:

HTML Defined Term
HTML Description 1
HTML Description 2
HTML Description 3

<em> element demo: HTML Emphasis

<fieldset>, <legend> element demo:

HTML Legend Field

HTML Fieldset

<form>, <input>, <label>, <select>, <textarea> element demo:

<input type="button"> element demo:

<input type="checkbox"> element demo:

<input type="file"> element demo:

<input type="password"> element demo:

<input type="radio"> element demo:

<select>, <optgroup>, <option> element demo:

<input type="reset"> element demo:

<input type="submit"> element demo:

<input type="text"> element demo:

<textarea> element demo:

<h1> element demo:

HTML Heading 1

<h2> element demo:

HTML Heading 2

<h3> element demo:

HTML Heading 3

<h4> element demo:

HTML Heading 4

<h5> element demo:

HTML Heading 5

<h6> element demo:

HTML Heading 6

<hr> (HTML Horizontal Rule) element demo:

<i> element demo: HTML Italics

<ins> element demo: HTML Inserted Text

<kbd> element demo: HTML Keyboard Input

<ol> (HTML Ordered List) element demo:

  1. HTML Ordered List Item 1
  2. HTML Ordered List Item 2
  3. HTML Ordered List Item 3

<p> element demo:

HTML Paragraph

<pre> element demo:

HTML Preformatted Text

<q> element demo: HTML Quote

<samp> element demo: HTML Sample

<small> element demo: HTML Small

<span> element demo: HTML Span

<strong> element demo: HTML Strong

<sub> element demo: HTML Subscript

<sup> element demo: HTML Superscript

<table>, <caption>, <thead>, <tbody>, <tfoot> <tr>, <th>, <td> element demo:

HTML Caption
HTML Table Header Cell 1HTML Table Header Cell 2HTML Table Header Cell 3
HTML Table Footer Cell 1HTML Table Footer Cell 2HTML Table Footer Cell 3
HTML Table Cell 1HTML Table Cell 2HTML Table Cell 3
HTML Table Cell 4HTML Table Cell 5HTML Table Cell 6
HTML Table Cell 7HTML Table Cell 8HTML Table Cell 9

<ul> element demo:

  • HTML Unordered List Item 1
  • HTML Unordered List Item 2
  • HTML Unordered List Item 3

<var> element demo: HTML Variable

Last Updated on Friday, 07 February 2014 21:35
Stick to the Code! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 July 2004 12:00
To ensure this code release, Wilco Jansen resorted to sending rum to joint lead developer Johan Janssens. Johan, who's had a penchant for rum ever since the first Pirate's of the Caribbean movie screened, took the bait mixed it with Cola and here we are with our latest 1.5 release. It looks like pirate talk will figure quite a lot in future Joomla! development — as long as the rum lasts.
Last Updated on Thursday, 19 July 2007 10:32
We are Volunteers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 July 2004 11:54

The Joomla! Core Team consists of volunteer developers, creatives, administrators and managers. This well-oiled machine is often copied but never surpassed. Joomla! has some wonderfully talented people taking open source concepts to the forefront of industry standards. Joomla! 1.5 is a major leap forward and represents the most exciting Joomla! release in the history of the project.

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 July 2007 10:33
1 Million Smiles PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 July 2004 11:54

The Joomla! team has about 1 million good reasons to be smiling about the Joomla! 1.5.  Even in its beta incarnations, it's had more than 1 million downloads, taking it to an unprecedented level of popularity.  The new codebase is almost an entire re-factor of the old codebase.  The user experience is still extremely slick but for developers the API is a dream.  A proper framework for real PHP architects seeking the best of the best.

If you're a former Mambo user or a 1.0 series Joomla! user, 1.5 is the future of CMSs for a number of reasons.  It's more powerful, more flexible, more secure and intuitive.  Our devs and interface designers have worked countless hours to make this the most exciting release in the content management system sphere.

Go on ... get your FREE copy of Joomla! today and spread the word about this benchmark project. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 July 2007 21:16
The Legend of Buca di Beppo PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 12 April 2004 11:54

The legend of Buca di Beppo involves a covert meeting of key developers in a 'mafia' style restaurant in the United States. 'Bucas' has one more than one occasion been the catalyst for key (and in some cases considered insurmountable) development 'humps' being overcome.

With copius amounts of food and wine flowing, the creative juices of coders seem to work keener, faster and problems are solved. Louis Landry famously agreed that living near a Bucas could actually lead to faster development cycles.

Mmmm. A restaurant with photos of famous mafia films like 'The Godfather' and violin cases leaning against the booths.  Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

If Joomla! was a commercial venture, we're sure management would actually consider building a Bucas inside the building!

Masterchief meet Bugsy Landry. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 July 2007 11:16